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DEGAME was established in year 1996. We are located in industrial and customs zone in Uzice, Serbia.

Paper roll, self-adhesive labels, endles computer paper and self adhesive tape are our products.

We produce on top quality printing equipment: Gallus, GOEBEL, SIAT...

In combination with our own production equipment, our innovation and technology know-how we have developed specific production cycle in Serbia and coordinate the production of machines for maximum and efficient management and use.

All our products are printed in full color, where by using flexo, offset and UV inks and varnishes. Prepress is an integral part of our production.

Our monthly capacity is over 100 tons of paper rolls (thermal, copy, offset paper) and over 200,000 m² self adhesive material.

All our products are labeled with bar code identification that can be labeled with the customer. In addition to production based in Uzice we have a stock of our products in Belgrade. Part of production is exported.

Since 2005. we expanded our activities in the construction of special purpose machines with pneumatic components and PLC control systems.



On top of our paper production and printing activities, DEGAME is also involved with:

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Address: Radnička 11, 31000 Užice, Serbia
Tel: +381 (0)31 565-530
Fax: +381 (0)31 563-403
E-mail: info@degame.rs

Office in Belgrade

Address: Daruvarska 4
Tel: +381 (0)11 242-06-10
Fax: +381 (0)11 242-06-16