Printed Rolls

We are offering free printing on the back of all rolls on large quantity orders. Our equipment allows us to print in full color on both sides of paper rolls. For demanding color using UV inks.

Clients can advertise in this banner in the form of direct marketing. Due to its characteristics and price paper rolls is an ideal product for effective advertising directly into the hands of the customer.

All you need to do is forward your logo or company heading by e-mail in PDF, EPS, JPEG format. The rest you can leave to us. We are leaders in Serbia in printing thermal rolls.

Be different! Welcome!

Thermal Rolls

Our thermal rolls are made of thermal paper which is produced by the most recognized manufacturers in the world for high performances. In addition to the labeled end, vacuum packaging, labels with your logo and desired characteristics, we also offer print your thermal rolls in full color.

Thermal rolls is products for cash registers, for ATM and POS printers, for medical paper, printers, parking ticket... We have the quality certificate for raw materials. We are also able to offer thermal roll in yellow, pink and blue color with duplex printing in full color.

Storage and use of thermal rolls: thermal roll is stable and has the best properties at temperatures from 18 to 25 degrees C.

Fax Rolls

Initially the main biggest fragment of our production proces was based on fax rolls. This product, with its specific package became famous in our country.vWe put the sign ORIGINAL FAX + to protect ourselves from a forgery. The sale of this product is enormously higher than from the start.

The width of telefax roll is 209mm and 219mm and the length is 25 and 50m or some other size which customers want.

There is a possibility of printing in full colour.

The paper which we use is made in Germany and we have a certificate for it.

Ading Rolls

1+0, 1+1, 1+2

We use 60 grams paper (for 1+0 rolls) from foreign suppliers, and our customers are very satisfied with it, because the usage of this paper roll avoids dusting of the cash register. The standard characteristics of our products are: the end of the roll that is marked, vacuum package with the characteristics of the roll and there is option of putting your logo at the label. For the carbonless paper we use made in Germany paper. For bigger amounts or special orders we print rolls in 3 flexo colour.

Paper Rolls for Cash Machines

ATM and POS terminals paper

We have ability to manifacture all dimensions of rolls for cash machines ATM, POS in full colour with black markers as well as multiple rolls for all types of POS devices. Markers for the rolls are printed with UV colors from which you get a high gloss and color density of black markers. Rolls for ATM and POS machines can be printed in full color with a marketing message. Marked ending of the rolls is a standard option. At the request of the customer rolls of paper can be printed on both sides.

We use certified paper made in Germany.



On top of our paper production and printing activities, DEGAME is also involved with:

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